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Ep 9: Jeremy Tiang: Writer, Translator and Global Linguistic Soul

October 9th, 2018


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As a Writer, Translator and Playright; words are what Jeremy Tiang uses to share his ideas about the world and all of its ambiguity. In his prose he addresses issues of identity, culture, and the boundaries of what we think these things mean. His upbringing in Singapore was multicultural and yet it was not. So much so that when asked what his first language is he replies, “It is complicated” and it is easy to see why. Singapore, very much like Jeremy and very much like most curious, discerning people such as yourself (yes, listeners, I am talking about you), is in a state of constant change. This change includes how it shares itself with the world and Jeremy plays a part in how we see both Singapore and its people, especially, if I understand it right, those who are not often portrayed in the national narrative. In this podcast episode, we primarily dig into Jeremy’s language experiences from early childhood to the present day. But those cultural tones are impossible to remove from language, so we did not even try.  

In this episode:

Jeremy’s Twitter Account

Cedilla & Co, his Translation Collective

New Yorker article on Hyperpolyglots

Omniglot website (learn about any language)

Pomodoro Method

Ode to Joy Shanghai TV show

Crazy Rich Asians

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